How often is Austin, Texas affected by severe thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes?

I'm moving there from Alexandria, LA and I've done some online research. All sings keep pointing to a horrible tornado outbreak in 1997. (Of course, they don't mention those sunny days in which no tornadoes form.) So, any long time residents may be able to answer my question. what should I expect? How often does it get really bad? What contingencies are in place for severe weather? Should I search for a home with a basement/saferoom for avoiding tornado damage? Should I run through wheat fields in my pajamas and slippers whenever a Tornado watch is issued?

Someone fill me in please?

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  1. runaway100 says:

    storms that are like bad spring usually or winter rare and torandoes like never happen austin fucking rocks second best city in texas houston first. i think

  2. ashlei1908 says:

    I moved to Austin in 1997 and left about 3 years later. The worst storm I remember was in 1997 shortly after I arrived. Terrible storms… but a tornado never came close to where I was. I never had a basement when I lived there. And I just don’t recall any bad storms that were worrisome enough to make me concerned about living there.

  3. I’ve lived in Austin, TX for my whole life (20 years). I live close to central Austin. We have had some tornado warnings in the past in which we have hidden in a closet, but to date no tornadoes have come even close to us. We do get bad thunderstorms from time to time, though. I wouldn’t worry too much about tornadoes if you plan on living in or around central Austin.

    Hope this helps!

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