How long does it take to learn how to play the violin?

I've never played/touched one before, but I'd love to learn how to play it.

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  1. I am obsessed with music , i think every home should have a musical instrument. My advice is ……….. go with what makes you feel right. violin takes a lot of commitment and dissapline. The questions you need to ask yourself is ….. Is violin for me? do i have time for such a commitment? funds? and what do i want to gain from the intrument i learn ? And the answer to the question asked is it depends on how much you want to learn tbh could be monts or could even be years, for as long as you play , you learn. also dont give up just coz you sound bad practice makes perfect ilike most things in life its not something that happens over night . good luck

  2. Asteria says:

    The duration will depend on what skill level you hope to achieve. Besides talent, you also need a lots of commitment, meaning years of continual practice, to become a professional violin player. Things are a lot different if playing the violin to you involves being just able to sound a tune. I used to learn the violin, using "Suzuki Music School: Violin Part, Vol. 1". I have some prior music theory knowledge and took 2 months to learn up to the 8th song.

  3. See:

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    How long will it take me to get really good at the violin?

  4. Rachel_S165 says:

    That depends on how you define "playing the violin".

    If you want to be a virtuoso like Joshua Bell, or Itzhak Perlman, it will require lessons from a professional teacher, and hours and hours of practice every single day for years to even begin to approach that level of skill and expertise.

    If you just want to be able to scratch out a simple fiddle tune so that its recognizable and not too badly out of tune, you can probably learn to do that in a few months.

    What do YOU want to accomplish on the violin?

    Bottom line is — it all depends on your desire to learn, your natural aptitude for music, and your willingness to put the time in to practice and study consistently. It will take as long as it takes, and how long it takes is up to you.

    And I should point out that violin playing — like any other instrument — is a lifelong journey, not a destination. There will never come a time when you can say "I now know everything there is to know about how to play the violin." No matter how much you learn, and no matter how good you get, there will ALWAYS be more to learn and more room for improvement.

  5. probablypip says:

    It depends if you really WANT to learn.
    I learnt for 3 YEARS once… and was still rubbish at the end.
    But I had a terrible teacher who I HATED and I never practiced! I managed to scrap a pass at Grade 3! but it definatly wasn’t music to your ears.

    I think you could pick it up in a couple of months tbh, but you would really have to practice A LOT and you would have to buy some ear plugs for other household members… the noise is HORRIBLE when you can’t play!

    Also, buy yourself one of those big yellow sponged people use to wash cars with. you then put it under the part of the violing which rest on your shoulder. It stops it hurting and means you will play better!

    You can probably ge a free Violin on

  6. b'stardoh says:

    Try out some free on-line violin lessons – see links below.

    This next site has some excellent advice, including that you should buy a good quality violin.

    If you are living in the UK you can sign up to evening classes in almost any subject, including such as music and violin. You might make a start by checking where you live for all the available violin evening classes. Why evening classes? Because they are the cheapest way of gaining knowledge and being taught by a professional.

    Here’s the Master – Maestro Sir Yehudi Menuhin

    I strongly recommend you take up the violin. Don’t waste your life and never hide your talent.

    Good Luck.

    A music lover.

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