How can I move my fingers faster when playing the violin?

I have been learning the violin for a long time, but would still not consider myself as being very good, probably because I have never put enough time into it in the past. Lately I have started playing more regularly, however I cannot move my fingers fast enough for the pieces I want to play - I just can't accurately get my body to do what my mind is telling it.
Does anybody have a "secret method" to accomplish this?

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  2. Carisse says:

    If you can imagine yourself playing your piece at a faster tempo (in your mind without actually playing it) , then when you actually play it, your fingers will automatically move faster.

    Similarly, if you don’t focus on putting each finger on the fingerboard, and focus on playing the whole section/bar at a quick tempo, even if your fingers don’t catch up at first, keep on practicing, and your fingers will catch up.

  3. Death™ says:

    If you don’t have enough speed to play a piece at the right pace yet, that most likely means that you need to work on pieces you’re capable of and build up to faster pieces.

    It will take time and practice, but it can be done.

    A) Stretch your fingers before playing. I know this sounds silly and trite, but trust me, it does make a difference.

    B) Play scales. Start out slowly, then play it again a little faster, and a little faster. Play all of the scales you know in this manner.

    C) Start slow with pieces. Train your brain to play the notes, then work up to a speed you’re happy with.

    Good luck.

  4. Angela I says:

    I had the same problem. I could never get my fingers to move fast enough. Take the section that you need to move faster and play it at a slower speed. Continue to practice at a slower speed until the motions are effortless. Slowly increase the speed to the desired tempo. It is all about muscle memory and practicing. The more you practice the better you will become and the faster your fingers will move. Good Luck!

  5. violinist_12 says:

    I have also been playing violin for a long time and I would love to be much better than I am. What has really helped me is to press a lot lighter on the strings. I was pushing down way too hard thus slowing my fingers down. You only need just enough pressure to get a clear, beautiful sound. In order to give yourself an idea of just how lightly you can push down and still get that beautiful sound try playing something very easy without your thumb touching the violin. Once you discover how much lighter you can press down with your fingers it should speed up your fingers quite a bit. Also, keep your hand very relaxed. Best of luck to you! Oh yeah, like other recommendations before me, practice very slowly at first, accuracy and intonation then speed.

  6. viperplayer5220 says:

    You should look for "Schradieck-The school of violin-technics" it is very good for gaining speed and accuracy in your fingers. I have a link to the book below.

  7. cluckincom says:

    A. Grease the strings
    B. plug the strings into the mains you will have to move fast then

  8. There are two issues here: speed and accuracy.
    If you practise speed without accuracy, then you end up playing your mistakes very quickly. If you practise accuracy without speed, you are not playing the piece as intended.
    The answer is therefore first to play it as accurately as you can and then as fast as you can.

  9. asian_paladin says:

    stop telling your fingers to move and let the body move by instinct.
    when you are playing, close your eyes and visualize how you should play.
    the body will react to it better.

  10. bonnnti says:

    playing the violin is not easy needs a lot of practice

  11. Saskial says:

    practice makes perfect

  12. It’s finger agility and strength, as well as practice. You can train your fingers to move better by doing exercises that build the finger muscle. If you’ve ever seen the hand stress balls, those are good for it. Building the strength in your fingers will help you control them more accurately.

    For years, my left hand fingers were faster than my right because of playing the violin. Also, don’t forget about strengthening your right hand fingers, too. It takes finger strength to move the bow faster, as well, especially if you are holding the bow properly.

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